Kim Van Horn

Meet Kim Van Horn, a dedicated professional with a passion for the automotive industry. Originally from Reading, Massachusetts, Kim moved to Dover, New Hampshire, in 2004, seeking new opportunities and experiences.

Kim has been happily committed to her partner John for an impressive 22 years, and together, they share their life with two beloved furry companions, a 13-year-old Yorkie Bichon named Gus and a 13-year-old Yorkie Poo named Bella.

With an impressive career spanning 35 years in the automotive field, Kim started as a billing clerk and worked her way up to become a Comptroller, gaining extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry along the way.

Excited about the prospect of sharing her automotive expertise with her team, Kim is determined to foster a special work environment that encourages growth and collaboration.

Grateful for the opportunity to work with Joe Gerbino and his team, Kim is involved in creating an extraordinary training company that aims to revolutionize the way dealerships conduct their business.Beyond work, Kim enjoys the simple pleasures of life. Long rides along the coast, leisurely walks with Gus and Bella, and spending quality time with Family and Friends are some of her favorite pastimes.

An avid baker, Kim finds joy in creating delicious treats and relishes in watching football, particularly cheering for her favorite team, the Patriots.With a diverse set of passions and experiences, Kim brings a unique perspective and enthusiasm to both her professional and personal endeavors.