Transforming Automotive Professionals Into Sales Superstars

Unlock your complete sales potential with our transformative proficiency, catapulting automotive professionals into unstoppable sales champions through a fusion of our extensive experience and cutting-edge AI technology.


Who We Are

We are industry experts. Our team is comprised of automotive industry insiders who have experienced the ups and downs of the dealership firsthand. Our expertise enables us to provide practical insights and real-world strategies that yield tangible results.

Our Mission

At Profit Pro, our mission is to transform the automotive sales profession by empowering sales teams with the skills, knowledge, and mindset essential for thriving in today’s dynamic marketplace. We cultivate a culture of continuous learning and development, striving to unleash the full potential of sales professionals and providing guidance towards achieving enduring and remarkable success.


How We Help Generate Sales

1. Customer Insights

Uncover deeper customer insights than ever before, gaining a clear understanding of their preferences, needs, and behaviors to deliver personalized and impactful sales interactions.

2. Real-Time Summaries

Stay steps ahead with real-time conversation summaries, updated every 30 seconds to give managers deeper insights into showroom activities.

3. Streamlined Efficiency

Maximize productivity and focus on what truly matters by embracing a streamlined sales process, enabling your team to close deals faster and foster a more successful sales force.


Automotive Sales
Solutions For All

With a wealth of experience and a proven track record, we offer a range of comprehensive sales training services tailored to your company’s needs.

Automotive Sales Training

We train Sales Professionals how to reduce friction in the sales process, increase gross profits and create customers for life. We use cutting-edge technology to give your sales team an unfair advantage.

Mobile Sales Facilitator

Our mobile application insures that your sales team has access to training 24 hours a day. Our proprietary algorithm will help your team close deals faster and more profitably.

Automotive BDC Training

Our team has trained some of the top-performing BDC agents in the country. Agents trained by Profit Pro average 3 times the industry average for shows and sales. From new BDC installations to fine-tuning experienced agents, we can help with all of your BDC needs.

Digital Marketing Consulting

The Profit Pro team features 20+ years of E-Commerce experience. We can help you develop an effective digital marketing plan that drives traffic and reduces advertising waste.

A.I. Transcription

Imagine your management team can overhear every sales conversation your team has with your customers. Thanks to artificial intelligence and the SWAI mobile app, it is now possible.
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Revolutionary Mobile App!

Our groundbreaking mobile application, Sales Whisperer Artificial Intelligence (SWAI), elevates your team’s closing prowess by recording, transcribing, and offering AI-driven insights. SWAI empowers sales professionals to enhance their skills daily by providing tailored micro-training sessions focused on their specific challenges. Say goodbye to generic training modules that lack relevance! Moreover, the beauty of our large language model lies in its constant refinement, ensuring the delivery of the most accurate objection-handling strategies.

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